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Canada’s Flag Turns 50

(note: this article was first published 14Feb.2015) I was 15. I remember mother standing at the kitchen sink, rinsing dishes.  It was her habit to read the Globe and Mail line by line, front to back and, on this occasion, she had been reading about the flag being proposed to […]

Error Message H1005

What is error message H1005?  If you have Bell Fibe, as I do, this error message is displayed at the top of the blue screen.  Maybe for you, this arises a few times a year.  The message instructs you to turn off ‘the receiver,’ wait 5 seconds, then turn it […] Again!

Here I am, again, starting a blog.  Frustrations with the text editor linger as I type. The process is easy enough, but I can’t be sure how the post will appear after publication.  This is supposed to by a WYSIWYG tool that displays, as I type, the post as it […]