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We Need Inept Governments and Alienated Voters “The deepest problem is alienation of citizens from their governments. It’s habitually treated as an odd phenomenon unrelated to the state’s increasingly feeble, unaffordable and arrogant performance. But government in Canada isn’t just big and inept. It’s inept because it’s too big, in ways our traditional constitution was designed […]

Declamation of a Grammar Nazi

Have you noticed that rules for Alphabetisation in Windows are not followed?  If you arrange your bookmarks alphabetically using the setting “arrange by title” the resulting alphabetised list is incorrect. Arrange your list “by title” and observe the results.  Notice the selections in your list under letter ‘t.’  Any selection […]

Today is Dad’s Anniversary

Today, 23rd of January, marks 19 years since Dad died.  Next year will mark the 20th year.  I say Dad because when my father-in-law lived, I called him Dad.   Ivan was a tall, strong, earthy Ukrainian with a big heart for his family.  The backyard was a vegetable garden, […]

Remembering The Storm of 2013 “A huge winter storm pounded the East Coast on Saturday, bringing one of the most populated stretches of the country to a near standstill as the snowstorm reached New York City and left over a foot of snow in the nation’s capital. Weather emergencies were declared in at least […]

Ah, Facebook

I have done an unthinkable thing; I have opened a Facebook page.  I opened one years ago, but closed it an hour later when a flood of minutia descended on me from, it seemed, just about everywhere but, as of a couple of days ago, I have a Facebook account […]

Why Wear a Red Poppy?

  One supposes that most people who wear poppies as a public declaration of remembrance at this time of year, do not think that their gesture has political implications. Perhaps they are wearing their grief on their sleeves, which may be irritating for purists, but they are not declaring victory […]

Remembering Gramma

Note: This article was written in April 2013, 2 years after Aniela’s passing. Aniela (Czechowska) Shepel 12Jan., 1926-17Apr., 2011 During the occupation of Poland in WWII, Aniela was taken by the Germans from school and herded onto a train never to see her family again. She was forced to spend […]