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Bell Fibe Review Update

It has been years since I posted a review about Bell Fibe service.  It is time for an update.   Yesterday, Bell Fibe lost signal four times, at 10:00AM, 12:45 PM, 3:15PM, and 6:15PM, then this morning at 11:45AM.  (Yes, there is a pattern there.)  Each time, the system required […]

Legalisation of Cannabis and The Mill on the Hill “‘Some teens say their likelihood of using weed hasn’t changed since the Liberal government announced details of its legalization plan — though they say it’s made them more aware of information on both sides of the debate. Government officials announced Thursday that cannabis would be made legal for recreational […]

My Morning Smile

Every morning, I follow a fairly set routine, which includes checking email.  It involves a few mouse clicks, such a simple thing really, but I never know what I might find.  This morning I received this thoughtful message from my dear friend Dawn Wojtyk.  It made me think back to […]

Justin Trudeau and ‘the game of politics’

“Two Toronto Liberal MPs, Adam Vaughan and Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, have apologized to their constituents for their government’s decision to break its campaign commitment to make 2015 the last federal election under the first-past-the-post voting system. “Today, our Government announced that we will not proceed with the critical issue of electoral […]