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Grand-parenting as a Second Chance

The past seven months have been an enlightening experience.  The nickname ‘grampa’ feels comfortable. A rapport with James has been much easier than I thought it would be in the months leading to his arrival.

Vera and I offered to help with James from the beginning, as much in tribute to Vera’s parents as our own commitment to him. Aniela and Ivan helped raise our sons and they managed to do it without interfering in our relationship; they were present but never intrusive.  Vera and I had busy, demanding careers. We often wonder what we would have done without their help.

The opportunity to be grandparents has given us a chance to ‘give back.’  We see James often and he sleeps over, which can be a challenging time. The sound of a crying baby across the hall wasn’t something contemplated when I elected early retirement but the experience has allowed us to see precious moments that we missed with our children, events that Ivan and Aniela witnessed for us.

Vera seems younger, more vital, with each visit.  If I had a dime for every kiss that boy has received, I would indeed be rich but, thankfully,  there are riches more important than money to feed my contentment. When we rock him to sleep, we sing or hum to him and he hums along.  It isn’t always a tune; it’s a soothing, repetitious chant as his eyelids grow heavy.

Music catches his attention.  He stops to listen as if there was nothing more important and, maybe, there isn’t.  Click on the link to the song “Little Snowflake,” at this link:.   

James is glued to the tune and the images on Vera’s cellphone.  It is much too soon to imagine James on stage with Paul McCartney, (I can hear you pointing out that Paul may not live that long)  but he has a connection to the music already as he concentrates to follow it. Perhaps my sons were much the same but, sadly, I don’t recall.

This grand-parenting thing is giving us a second chance at a moment in life when we have the time and financial security to really enjoy it.


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