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Bell Fibe Review Update

It has been years since I posted a review about Bell Fibe service.  It is time for an update.  

Yesterday, Bell Fibe lost signal four times, at 10:00AM, 12:45 PM, 3:15PM, and 6:15PM, then this morning at 11:45AM.  (Yes, there is a pattern there.)  Each time, the system required a ‘reboot,’ after which the system was restored.

This isn’t a ‘big deal,’ I hear you say as you read this, but this has happened every day, for several months.  Yes, I called Bell.  “The next time this happens, call us.”  I knew that would be the result, which explains why I haven’t called until today.  They kept me on the phone for an hour, as I supplied equipment details that they should already have in their records.  After all, it is their system.  Their installer hooked it up.

Then, to rub salt into the wound, they sent me a ‘customer satisfaction survey,’ which they would know I would ignore, had they recorded the phone call and listened to the recording.  

Vera, having returned from a pool party (one of those all girl teacher chat and eat sessions), indicated that our frustration was a hot topic, as they floated in the water, under a hot sun.  Others have experienced this issue, even upgraded their system modem, with no fix provided.  

That doesn’t surprise me.  If you are a Bell Fibe subscriber, you know about this problem.  You are as irritated as I am because we know how expensive Bell Fibe is every month.  Tech support will not admit it but this is a persistent, chronic problem with Bell Fibe and the technicians and advisors know it well.

I have been a Bell client for over 30 years.  Reception was more reliable on their Satellite system, which was a fussy system too, depending on the height of the trees in the ravine behind our property.  Anyway, the ugly truth, when you call tech support, is that they don’t know how to fix this issue.  The technician on the phone will give the impression that this issue isn’t typical but it is and they know it.  Get used to that blue screen and the request to ‘ go to menu, select settings and choose ‘reboot.’  You can ignore the phone number on the screen to call tech support; it’s a complete waste of time.

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