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My Morning Smile

Every morning, I follow a fairly set routine, which includes checking email.  It involves a few mouse clicks, such a simple thing really, but I never know what I might find.  This morning I received this thoughtful message from my dear friend Dawn Wojtyk.  It made me think back to the years when the Globe and Mail had a feature called ‘your morning smile.’  It was the first thing I would find before reading the news and the columns.  It was seldom a belly laugh but it always brought a smile, regardless of my mood.

This is the message that wrinkled my face and rounded my cheeks this morning:

Good Evening,

The box in the foyer is looking a lot like a coffin.  The box is full of our Christmas Tree.  She has gone to sleep for another ten months!  She is a true Sleeping Beauty!

We set a new record this year, February 20th!  The last time this happened, we were living in Alliston with a real tree.  It was a Fraser Fir and as we had to keep it up for Ukrainian Christmas, we missed the town tree pick-up; we kept it up for Mary’s birthday on the 31st of January.  Then, as it was not losing any needles, we kept it up for Valentine’s Day.  Because it was positioned in the front window, we started to get a little embarrassed, so we took it down on the 15th.  It had started to sprout fresh spring green growth all over it!  When we tried to take it out of the stand, it was stuck like a solid rootball and we could hardly get it out of the stand.  If we had dug a hole in the frozen ground, it would have lived.  When all was said and done, it lost maybe a half a cup of needles!

I read a funny comic in December.  One Christmas Tree is talking to another Christmas Tree and she says “I don’t know what happened.  One minute I heard a WHACK and the next thing I knew, I was wearing fifty pairs of earrings!

Lots of love,


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