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Andew Coyne: Do It For The Good of The Country!

Some months ago, I suggested an analogy to the portrait in the story: the prime minister out in public, smiling, unblemished, seemingly ageless, while in an attic somewhere his face was accumulating the marks and lines of his government’s many sins.

But something has gone wrong. Justin Trudeau does not seem so visibly unburdened by office any more. The image of youthful idealism is wearing thin. The cracks are starting to show.

Indeed there is accumulating around this government, and more and more around the prime minister himself, an unmistakable odour of hypocrisy and deceit, made more sickly-sweet by the sanctimony in which both are in the habit of expressing themselves. (excerpt from article in National Post by Andrew Coyne, 24Nov.2016)

Andrew, did you honestly imagine that this Liberal government would escape ‘accusations’ of hypocrisy, like any other? Were you really so naïve to think that ‘the way politics is done in Ottawa’ would actually change?

Admit it Andrew, you didn’t believe the campaign muck anymore than other people who understood the nature of politics and the way ‘the game’ is played.

Politics is amoral. It is doing what is possible, with compromise, expediency, and a backroom deal. Politics has always been the unbridled, naked pursuit of power.

What suggested to you, Andrew, that it was anything else or could be anything else?

Now, stop whining and predicting the obvious and join the Conservative Party and the leadership race. You are as near to the ‘ideal’ candidate as ever they are likely to find.

Please, Andrew, do it for the good of the country. 🙂

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