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America Elects a Bully and Kelly Leitch Embraces Him

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch wasted no time comparing herself to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump this morning.

While most Canadians, including MPs, have been tweeting about what Trump’s victory means for Canada, Leitch, who launched her bid with some fairly Trumpian language on screening immigrants for “anti-Canadian values,” is embracing it.

“Tonight, our American cousins threw out the elites and elected Donald Trump as their next president. It’s an exciting message and one that we need delivered in Canada as well,” said Leitch in a fundraising email that went out to supporters early this morning.

“It’s the message I’m bringing with my campaign to be the next Prime Minister of Canada.”

“It’s why I’m the only candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada who is standing up for Canadian values. It’s why I’m the only candidate who will ensure that every visitor, immigrant, and refugee will be screened for Canadian values.”

Leitch writes that she looks forward to delivering her message “to the Canadian elites — that historic Canadian values are worth protecting.

“I congratulate President-Elect Trump on his victory and I look forward to working with him on issues of common concern.” excerpt from a column by Janice Dickson,

It is a grave error to assume that politics south of the border predicts what happens north of the border. True, I never thought I would live to see a candidate, with no political experience, buy the Presidency of the United States. America, whether intentional or not, has set a precedent that any rich guy with 100 million dollars can buy the democratic process.

Conservative leadership hopefuls here should be cautious about the notion that they could do the same thing. Sure, it is tempting, as Leitch’s candidacy points out, but this country can remember the Auto Pact which was replaced by NAFTA; Americans have long forgotten it and, another thing, white, working class people (voters) in Canada will find themselves in a minority sooner rather than later, perhaps as soon as 2020.

I was amused to learn that, last night, the server used by Immigration in Ottawa crashed, presumably, by a large volume of enquiries from America. We need to be frank with our cousins to the south and warn them that life here isn’t exactly what they may imagine it is.

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