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Here I am, again, starting a blog.  Frustrations with the text editor linger as I type.

The process is easy enough, but I can’t be sure how the post will appear after publication.  This is supposed to by a WYSIWYG tool that displays, as I type, the post as it will appear when published.

If I insert an image into the text, it should look the same after publication as it is shown in my text but that doesn’t often happen, which forces repeated editing after publication.

Consider this blog a test piece.  I have saved most of the posts for the last 2 years ‘in the cloud,’ but it will take time to decide which ones deserve to be re-published.

I notice that the left line justification looks perfect in the text editor mode, but when I publish, there are errors in alignment that I have to fix.  This is most annoying.  Wordpress has provided an updated version of the text editor but the problem persists.

The process to insert images into text has been simplified allowing the resizing of images as an option to cropping them.

Customisation in the formatted Themes leaves few options which forces old guys like me to contemplate CSS which is unfamiliar territory.  Coding is poetry, so they say, but one has to know how to do it.  For instance, I can’t darken the colour of the text, or increase the font size beyond pre-set small, medium, large, and extra large buttons.  The old way is better.

I type my posts using Google Docs which is supposed to be configured to mesh nicely with WordPress, yet the spaces between paragraphs have to be re-set with each publication.

The new style of the text editor looks fine but it doesn’t seem to perform as a WYSIWYG tool, which was a feature promoted by WordPress.

WordPress is the best service of its kind but it is frustrating to use.


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