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Error Message H1005

What is error message H1005?  If you have Bell Fibe, as I do, this error message is displayed at the top of the blue screen.  Maybe for you, this arises a few times a year.  The message instructs you to turn off ‘the receiver,’ wait 5 seconds, then turn it on again.  This usually brings your television channels back into service but, for me, even after rebooting the receiver, the blue screen was stuck, the words BELL FIBE staring back at me.  

I called tech support.  My first contact was Emily, the computer voice, who screened my call.  Yes, Emily finds your technical assistance more quickly than in the past, and you don’t need to keep repeating your phone number as each person passes your call along.

Don’t expect that your initial call will get results.  A month ago, when I called about this, I was told “that there is a problem with your line.  It is fixed.”  So, it kept occurring, every second day, so last Friday, I called again.  This time I was put on ‘ignore’ for 20 minutes, then I was told that the “firmware needed updating, and an update will fix the issue.  I was advised that the HDMI cable might need replacing, to which I suggested that the television might be the problem, to which she said, “it makes more sense to replace the HDMI cable, than the television.”  She was quite right, of course, but the HDMI cable is not something that I disconnect and reconnect.  The firmware updated itself, but the problem has persisted.

Our television is 13 years old.  It’s an ‘HD Ready’ type that has a lot of analogue components in addition to digital architecture.  I decided that this situation was a fine time to replace the television, so I bought a new one.  That has solved the problem.  New television works fine with an old HDMI cable.

You may experience this problem too and, if you do, don’t expect that a call to tech support will actually help. How old is your television?  If it is more than 10 years old, you can expect that technical advances and firmware used by Bell Fibe may not be completely compatible with your old television.

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